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We provide full business infrastructure for your projects and startups, so you can focus entirely on important tasks. Bring your business idea into action with ITMG!

ITMG community

ITMG brings together great professionals, always happy to welcome new teams to the community. We provide whatever resources are required to help your business grow and reach its full potential.

ITMG locations

Creating a perfect working environment for your team is our number one priority. We have several comfortable locations which offer you everything you need for your business’s growth.

Create IT. We will manage everything else.

ITMG brings instant acceleration to IT-projects and startups. Our main focus is organizing business infrastructure and creating a comfortable working environment for your business. ITMG provides a broad range of services — from renting office space, to human resource management and accounting. We make sure our clients can focus entirely on the important business tasks and decisions, while we take care of everything else. With ITMG’s services you can easily optimize your daily routine, save time and resources, and bring your business ideas into action.

  • Solutions

    By providing a number of business services we create a comfortable infrastructure for IT-industry startups. You can focus entirely on developing your project, while we will take care of routine tasks, like recruiting, renting office space, accounting, and insurance. Develop your business with ITMG!

  • Locations

    Office space has an enormous impact on the overall business environment and daily workflow. Therefore ITMG provides office spaces best suited for the growing demands of the IT-industry. You can choose from several locations, selecting the one best suited for your business needs.

  • Community

    ITMG brings together promising professionals from the IT-industry, creating the perfect environment for business growth. A friendly community of passionate developers is always ready to welcome new teams and projects, providing valuable insights and organizing master classes and discussions.

Office Space

At our office locations you will find everything for the immediate start of your project. We provide required hardware, software, various office equipment (from faxes and printers to VoIP phones), wired and wireless internet connection, and extensive IT support. We can organize extra security for your office, provide a full-time office manager, cleaning services — anything you might need to simplify your everyday routine and enhance your business efficiency.


We can provide a full range of financial services, including the processing and reporting of accounting data. ITMG accounting specialists are experienced financial professionals, fully versed in the particularities of the IT business. They can help you with maintaining routine financial tasks as well as organizing, preparing, and analyzing your finances. Our accounting and financial consulting services will allow you to focus entirely on the development of your business idea.

Insurance and legal services

We will gladly organize diverse legal services for your project, from business registration to patenting your idea. Also, we can arrange insurance for your business and your team at your request. This includes comprehensive casualty and health insurance. We will help purchase corporate and self-insurance programs best suited for your requirements. Insure yourself and your business with ITMG!


Our experienced human resource team will help you find the best professionals for your projects. ITMG recruiters will choose the best candidates for any job position, thus saving your time and money, otherwise spent on lengthy personnel searches. We run preliminary job interviews with extreme attention, introducing to you only those candidates, who really deserve your attention.


Starting a new business is often more complicated than what people expect, so any additional resources or help is welcome. Throughout the early phases of new projects ITMG provides accomplished mentors who will help you with whatever questions you may have and provide valuable insights into business operations, helping you avoid many of the problems and mistakes often encountered when starting a new business.

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